Slimming Pills - the best slimming pills are capsules that make you slimmer, healthier and feel fitter, leaner and sexier fast. Forget high street branded slimming pills, for real results you need MAXIMUM STRENGTH versions of the very highest quality proven ingredients so that you see results fast. In numerous tests all over the world the 3 best natural weight loss diet supplements have been shown to be ACAI BERRY, GREEN TEA and RESVERATROL. Now imagine a product that contains all 3 ingredients in maximum strength formulations, synergistically blended for MAXIMUM RESULTS and you have 247FITBODY!

  • Accelerated Body Fat Loss - Lose Excess Pounds and Inches Quickly

  • Works for Men & Women - strongest natural formulation

  • Detox & Get Rid of Excess Fluid & Bloating

  • Suppresses Appetite and Control Blood Sugar & Cravings

  • Enhanced Thermogenic (Fat Burning) Effect

  • Boost Metabolism, Increase Energy and Stamina

  • Lowers Cholesterol and Protects Heart

  • Anti Aging, Fit Body Formula

If you want to lose weight, feel great, look younger and healthier then the BEST supplement is 247FITBODY.






247FitBody is a Maximum Potency formulation of maxim potency Acai Berry, Resveratrol and Green Tea - the 3 most effective lean body health enhancing supplements you can buy all in one amazingly potent supplement. Each bottle contains one months supply of this potent blend and are on a special offer of 2 months for the price of one month special deal.


People take Acia Berry to:


Super Fast Weight Loss - Lose Excess Body Weight FAST
Increased Energy - boosts metabolism which in turn leads to even GREATER BODY FAT LOSS
Reduces Cellulite - reduces inflammation & keeps Fat Cells in check
Suppresses Appetite - Curbs Cravings
Better Digestion - Contains Co-Enzyme Q10
Improved Sleep - provides nutrients so that your body can relax better
Enhanced Mental Health - improves blood circulation to the brain
Stronger Immune System - contains very high levels of anti-oxidants
Healthier Skin & Youthful Appearance - its unique properties make your skin healthier & more youthful
Detoxifies and Internally Cleanses- flushes away harmful toxins from your body
Improves Circulation - Healthier Heart
Enhances Sexual Performance
- !!!


People take Resveratrol to:


Slows Down the Aging Process: extends life expectancy by up to 70%!
Body Fat Reduction :
inhibits body fat storage.
Healthier Heart:
reduces cardiovascular risk by up to 40%!
Cancer Prevention:
the only natural product with strong evidence to show it stops cancerous cell development.
Brain Health:
protects the brain against oxidative stress.
protects against inflammation of the spinal cord, but with additional benefit of antioxidant protection.
Boosts Estrogen in Women :
improves the functioning of estrogen hormone.

People take Green Tea to:


Speeds up Body Fat Burning: boosts metabolism & burns more calories
Suppresses Appetite:
controls sugar cravings
Lowers Cholesterol:
reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels
Balances Hormones:
potent antioxidant


Now imagine all of these benefits in one amazing capsule!! Each bottle contains one months supply - buy one and Get One FREE!





The best diet pills do so much more than just making you super slim!


Effective Slimming Solutions
Finding an effective slimming or body fat burning plan that truly works for you can be a tall order. Crash diets do not work. You shed the pounds but then you put them back on just as quickly as it arrived and you will probably end up bigger than you were before. There is no real instant fix and you will have to put some effort in to lose pounds and inches, you need to have the dedication and the willpower to make any body reshaping program work but it helps to know that there are some fairly simple, yet effective solutions that you can put into action to make your journey that bit easier.
Keep a food diary.
It helps to keep a record of what you eat throughout each day. This way you can pinpoint your eating habits and exactly what you are eating and how much of it you are consuming. This will be helpful in determining what could be contributing to your weight gain. You can keep track of your calorie intake this way and see if you are consuming too much, which makes it easier to come up with a plan to lower you calorie intake and to eat more healthily.
Look after your body and mind.
If you are very stressed or unhappy you are more likely to comfort eat and binge on the wrong sort of foods which will inevitably lead to you gaining weight. Stress increases cortisol, which is a chemical in the body that leads to an increase in fat. Instead, talk to a friend, write down how you’re feeling, have a good cry, dealing with what is making you unhappy will be far beneficial to you in the long run rather than turning to food for comfort. Another good way to relieve stress is to take some kind of physical exercise, yoga is an excellent way of de-stressing the whole body and it is very calming.
Change what you drink!
Cutting out the amount of sugary drinks you consume will drastically decrease your daily calorie intake. If you are known to have an alcoholic drink or two at lunch time or a few after work – stop, many alcoholic drinks are packed full of sugar and beer not only bloats you, it can be fattening. Other sugary beverages such as Coca Cola is just as bad for your teeth due to the high sugar content and the caffeine in these sorts of drinks will leave you feeling jittery. Try and drink where possible, flavoured waters, unsweetened fruit juices, if you must have tea or coffee, leave the sugar out and if you can bear the taste, no milk.


Each capsule contains: 900mg Acai Berry + 300mg Green Tea + 100mg Resveratrol




247FitBody is the ultimate slimming pill. These pills are in fact pharma grade capsules containing maximum impact versions of 3 of the very best tried and tested body fat reduction ingredients. In numerous newspaper and magazine articles all over the world you will read of celebrities achieving incredible body transformations by taking the likes of Acai Berry, Green Tea or Resveratrol - 247Fitbody combines all 3 in one maximum impact capsule.


This is not only a highly effective way to get slim, it is also the simplest - one capsule instead of 3 individual ones AND with our latest BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer you will actually SAVE POUNDS (££££) while you LOSE POUNDS & INCHES at the same time -



Extreme Fat Loss

If you have more than 30 pounds of excess weight to lose and need to lose it quickly either for medical reasons or for a special event then the BEST & FASTEST way to achieve this is through SUPER STRENGTH EPHALEAN.